ABC Diet “Traffic Light”

Currently popular diet ABC has a diet which includes quite diverse composition of the products. 18.00 after their use is permitted. Each product belongs to a certain group: red, yellow and green. Hence the second name “Traffic.”

Products that can be consumed at any time and in any amount owned “green” group.
This light yogurt and kefir, cabbage, lettuce, greens, cucumbers, carrots, citrus fruits, apples, boiled fish, seafood, buckwheat, and olive oil, boiled eggs (not more than 2 per day), bread without yeast.

Products “yellow” group may be used only to 18.00, and possibly 2-3 hours before bedtime.
This low-fat meat products, lean meat and chicken, sausage, sausages, pasta, oatmeal water except manna, cottage cheese, various pickles, fruits including dried fruits, baked puff pastry, ketchup, spices, chocolate, candy, coffee .

Finally products “red” – they recommended forget.
For products “red group” may include all of the menus of fast food, fatty meat, bacon, white bread and flour containing yeast, milk, mayonnaise, sweets with cream, ice cream, soda.

ABC diet allows small amounts of consumption of alcoholic beverages: vodka, martini, whiskey, dry wines and semi-sweet. Champagne and beer banned.

When a diet is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:
1. Nutrition should be a fraction (5-6 meals a day). This principle helps to normalize the digestive and gastrointestinal tract. Optimally eating foods cooked or stewed.

2. After eating just need to walk or take a walk in the fresh air., Do not sit still or lie down.

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