6 poses for men with a small penis

7 корисних звичок, які поліпшать якість вашого сексу


How to do it: lie on the bed or table and ask him to enter you standing up. His groin should be slightly higher than yours (you need to find furniture of the ideal height for this pose). Let him sit down and penetrate into you. Slowly lift your legs up and leave your ankles on his shoulders. Your hips should rise a few centimeters in the air. He can support you by the hips. For closer penetration, he can hold both your ankles in your hands. You can put a pillow under your hips to change the angle of your body.

лягте на кровать или стол и попросите его войти в вас стоя

Why it works: this position allows the partner to penetrate deeply into you, strengthening sensations from having sex.


How to do it: this is the variation of “Butterfly”. Lay down on a table or bed, but this time your partner with your pelvis should be at about the same height. Ask him to enter you, then lift his legs up. Cross your legs in the ankles and lay on your partner’s chest. It can regulate the depth of penetration by holding on to your shins.


Why it works: Crossed legs allow you to move closer to your partner. The location of your hips at the same height maximizes the depth.


How to do it: you are probably familiar with this pose. Stand on all fours and ask him to come in behind you when he kneels. In the traditional pose, the legs of a man usually lie between the legs of a woman. In this position the woman takes her legs together, and the man spreads his legs further.

Встаньте на четвереньки

Why it works: dog style is an excellent position, regardless of the size of the penis. Your body is in a good position to stimulate its point G. This area is closer to the vaginal opening, so even a shallow penetration allows you to fully enjoy sex.


How to do it: lie on your back. Let your partner kneel before you, riding one of your elongated legs. Raise your leg up, placing it on the partner’s chest or shoulder.


Why it works: this position allows him to penetrate you slowly and deeply. Standing on his knees, he can control the angle of penetration and set the rhythm of movements.

Legs up

How to do it: lie on your back and let your partner kneel before you. Ask him to enter you, then throw his feet on his shoulders. It can support your hips during penetration. Want to change the angle – try to bend your legs and put them on his chest.

Ноги вверх

Why it works: your bodies are in the same line for deep penetration. The additional pressure of its weight, gravitating towards you, can make you feel more filled.


How to do it: you both kneel down, he is behind. Lean your belly against the edge of the sofa, so that your hips are at an angle. A partner can hold the torso upright or bend slightly over you.

встаете на колени, он находится сзади

Why it works: in this position your bodies will be pinned to each other, and it can easily reach your clitoris.

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