10 ways to save the psychological relationship

10 психологических способов спасти отношения

Remember that happy couples are different from those who are not able to build a strong family, a set of characteristics for their habits. Typically, the formation of a new habit takes 21 days – provided that you repeat it daily. So just choose those items that you like from this list – and forward. After a few weeks you will be able to look at his partner on the other side…

They go to bed at the same time

Happy couples resist the temptation to go to the bedroom alone. They go to bed at the same time, even if one of the partners need to wake up earlier than the other.

They develop common interests

When the original passion goes, it comes the realization that in order for people to be well with each other, they must have common interests. Do not underestimate the importance of time spent with each other. If common interests you have not, then they can develop. For example, make a habit of walking together on Fridays at a bowling alley. Or in the pool on Saturdays. Yes, anything!

They hold hands when walking

No matter how smart, progressive and adults, we may seem to themselves, the importance of tactile contact has not been canceled. If you have forgotten how to walk the streets holding hands, very soon, you can find out what a divorce.

They make ‘trust and forgiveness “mode is active by default

Disagreements and quarrels happen with everyone. But the truly happy couples know how to forgive each other instantly insults and tolerated. Paranoia, grouchiness and resentment – is for losers who soon divorced.

They draw attention to the fact that the partner doing the right thing, rather than where he is wrong

You can look at any person in the job, at home or at the wheel, and then find a lot of shortcomings in how and what he is doing. But why? Psychologists know the golden rule of one strong relationship: on one criticism should account for 10 compliments. And it works!

They hug each other when they met after work

Our body has an excellent “physical memory.” The more we embrace each other, the better we do it. It appears kind of dependency. A useful relationship.

They repeat the phrase “I love you” and “Have a nice day” every day

These words – a great way to buy a little bit of patience and serenity for the day ahead. You will have to stand in traffic jams, long lines and meet other troubles. Words like “I love you”, will allow you rarely take it out on the home.

They talk to each other “Good night”

This seems to be a trifle, but on this we should not forget the little things. Regardless of whether you are in any relationship, and whether you are cursed night, wish your partner before going to sleep good night. It’s such a simple form of caring, which “is cheap”, but it still works.

Every few days they call up during the working day

Call partner to the office and ask how he takes time – a sure way to cheer up both. Plus, these conversations help synchronize and more efficient to spend time together after work.

They touch each other

Feel free to touch each other’s hands or other body parts (no poshlyatiny!) In public places. It enhances communication partners with each other.

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