10 signs of impending labor

The abdomen was below

In mothers experienced this feature is usually absent until the last day. But those who are waiting for the firstborn, once noticed that sitting and walking became more difficult, and breathe – more easily. This means that the child’s head slightly lowered down into the pelvis. In some it is almost a month before delivery, usually – 1 week before them.


Constipation say goodbye

Pressure on the bladder and rectum increases until the end of pregnancy. In addition to the intestines begin to affect the hormones relaxing the cervix (and incidentally other smooth muscles that make up including the gastrointestinal tract). As a result, the chair becomes much more fluid. A lot of women even confused with the onset of labor was poisoned by something. These symptoms may appear for 2-7 days before delivery.



You do not want to eat, and it’s very surprising, because during pregnancy you could not pull from the fridge. Even favorite strawberry and chocolate do not cause a storm of emotions. Moreover, you will lose weight! Here today, for example, the weight shown that your weight has decreased by almost 2 pounds! And swelling also disappeared somewhere – you can now sleep without placing a pillow under his feet.

In fact, the body gets rid of all unnecessary Very soon it will need forces that he can now spend on digestion. Weight loss happens due deduced from the body fluids. In general, it is left up to birth a couple of weeks, get ready.


The kid was quiet

Before birth, most women report that the movement of the child have changed. Scarce now and not so baby, in the womb simply close it. Therefore, it can not long be felt kicks and jerks. You’re in a panic run on the CTG, but the device shows that the heart rate and activity of the child is normal. CTG, by the way, the last month before delivery is best done if not daily, then at least 2 times a week.


And laughter, tears, and love

Even a sustained future mothers may notice that their mood towards the end of pregnancy changes the weather in May. That sunny smile, the tears of rain. Sometimes the woman rolls fatigue and apathy, and then suddenly it starts to remind herself Electros, who broke off button .. And then five minutes a woman in labor scour apartment on the tenth day perepyraty tiny trinkets picks rearranging furniture, grand happy shopping. In short, loads itself in full, and then collapsing the legs from fatigue.


I want peace

Nesting instinct – it’s not much improvement on the eve of an early family nest of addition, as the desire to retire and walk away from all of you. If you can not see their loved ones if you want to hide in the farthest corner, curl up and ask that you do not touch under any circumstances, so delivery is very near – by went for an hour. And the body that feels he needs a break for the mother, so that she could mentally tune in childbirth.


Sore back

The most elusive trait, especially in cases where the expectant mother was suffering from back problems during pregnancy. However, in this case the pain caused by the displacement of the child down and stretching sacroiliac connective tissue, and the brunt falls on the lower back and tailbone. Even pregnant may disturb strange sensations in the legs – on them from time to time allegedly runs an electric current. This baby is moving lower and squeeze the nerve endings.


Training clashes

They are also easily confused with Braxton Hicks contractions, which may occur after the 30th week of pregnancy. Practice bout a little stronger, a little more tangible, but also painless and, most importantly, irregular. They do not mean the onset of labor, if the intervals between them are reduced. But they say that the birth is near.


Unidentified selection

That’s really not opiznani impossible, so it’s mucus plug. But that’s her discharge – is not an indicator that you bear tomorrow. Cervical mucus can leave and 2 weeks before delivery, and a couple of days, and maybe – just in labor. Throughout pregnancy plug securely closing the cervical canal and protects the uterus from infection. If you noticed in your underwear thick mucus transparent, yellowish, sometimes mixed with blood, – Call your doctor and prokonsultuysya what to do next. And to do this, it is imperative if the mucus is released earlier than two weeks before the expected delivery date!


The cervix is ​​soft

This feature fast delivery can see a doctor when given the chair. Before birth the cervix needs to mature: it really helps to increase the level of estrogen and prostaglandins in women. During the pregnancy the cervix should be longer than 2 cm thick and completely closed throughout. But the 40-week gradually shortened cervix (its length is 0.5-1 cm), it becomes softer and cervical canal may open up one finger.


Signs of labor is started:

Regular uterine muscle contraction – contraction. These birth contractions repeated every 15-20 minutes, they provide regular, and between them is gradually reduced. Recognize and can be drinking no-silos or inserting a candle with papaverine: if false contractions, they will stop if the birth – their intensity does not change.

Discharge of water. In this case, you should immediately go to the hospital: Anhydrous period shall not be more than 12 hours.


It is important to know!

  • Its normal pregnancy lasts 280-282 days. But from 10 to 25% of pregnancies end in births before 37 weeks, about 8% of pregnancies are long-lasting and tightened to 42 weeks (294 days).
  • Consider post-pregnancy, the duration of which exceeds 42 weeks. Childbirth is called late, but baby is born with signs perezrilosti.
  • A prolonged or extended physiological, pregnancy also lasts longer than 40 weeks, but the baby is born without signs prolongation of functionally mature, healthy. No and pronounced aging of the placenta.
  • Preterm birth is called birth from 28 th to 37th full week. At this time, with each redundant Week, held the baby in mom’s tummy, his chances for a successful and speedy rehabilitation after premature birth significantly increased. Every day the baby is gaining weight, improving their living systems and manifests better prepared for life outside the womb. That is why the threat of Pathology doctors try to do everything to hold baby within at least a few days.

It is clear that labor, especially the first – a very exciting event. But try to take it easy, no fuss and no panic if you notice some of these signs, and even if it happened before the expected due date. After much success in childbirth depends calm and focus the expectant mother. And from her assurance that everything will be fine in the end.

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