Diet for fans of fast food

If, due to the food habits of your family, employment or other circumstances, you often eat at “fast food”, you just need to be unloaded after such meals. Try easy burdensome diet that will help restore your body with junk food terrorized comfort. Dieting does not deny the fast-food, but should not be abused.

It is recommended to follow this diet for two weeks, regardless of the season. Its energy capacity – 1100 calories for women and 1500 – for men. Alternate proposed options to get the full range of vitamins and minerals.

General rules: e shte as many vegetables from the “unlimited” package – steamed, boiled or raw. But remember: no butter! Refuel only vegetables seasoned with lemon juice or herbal.

Breakfasts (alternate options offered):
a) 25 g of oatmeal cooked in water with the addition of a sugar substitute, half a cup of skim milk, one apple, orange, pear or a few strawberries;
b) 25 g of cereal, 140 ml of skim milk above the usual daily allowance;
c) one of toast bread with 100 g of cooked beans;
d) two fish cakes, grilled, baked tomato, one crispbread.

Lunches (alternate options offered):
a) crispy bun or sandwich of two slices of bread with one of the following fillers: 25 g cheese “cheddar”, one teaspoon pickles, 75 g tuna, cucumber, 75 g of cottage cheese, a banana, 50 grams of ham, tomato, mustard, a sandwich, you can add a cup of soft cheese or low-fat yogurt, a jar of crab pate, a bag of chips or crispy biscuits;
b) 200 g potatoes, boiled in their jackets, 150 grams of cooked beans;
c) two slices of bread with a large portion of salad from “unlimited” package, 75 g shrimp, 175 g fresh strawberries;
d) low-calorie soup plate, 100 g mackerel fillets, salad and a slice of bread with margarine greased;
d) one cheeseburger from “McDonalds”, one apple.

Dinners (alternate options offered):
a) 125 g chop circle of pineapple, 125 g potatoes, boiled in their jackets, one teaspoon margarine;
b) 250 g of fried or grilled chicken (without skin), two slices of fried potatoes, a big portion of salad;
c) 200 g sole fillets, steamed, 125 g of potato chips;
d) two fish cakes, 75 g of potato croquettes, two teaspoons of cooked beans;
d) a fishing rod, a bag of chips (100 g), 50 g of peas.

Choose from a list of proposed two kinds of fruit: apple, orange, pear, light peach, 125 g cherries, two small kiwi, grapes 75 g, 75 g of fresh pineapple, 175 g raspberries or strawberries, two mandarin.

Fruit can replace one glass of wine, two glasses of an aperitif or two crispbread with 12 g Gert Edam cheese.

The stronger sex can supplement your daily menu with two slices of bread with margarine smeared with 250 ml light or dark beer and some fruit from the proposed set.

Calorie counter for french fries (calorie per serving contains 25 g).

Thick, deep-fried potato slices homemade – 65 calories.
Thin slices of homemade – 80 calories

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