Diet for business lady

Not to be heard in breadth, sitting on a workplace at office, suggest you try a new diet specifically designed for office workers. It is easy to observe all the dishes are very quick and easy to prepare. Business diet is designed for 7 days.

Breakfast (one of the options):
a) 30 g of flakes of milk;
b) one of toast bread with baked tomatoes, one tablespoon
cottage cheese;
c) banana sandwich: two slices of bread made from wheat flour, slices of one
banana, a teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon of yogurt or soft
g) of toast bread with margarine slathered one boiled egg,
half a cup of orange juice.
(250 calories)

Dinners (one of the options):
a) a large portion of salad, an apple or orange, a sandwich with one of the following
filling: 50 g of cold chicken (without skin), one teaspoon of pickled
pickles; 25g grated Edam cheese, one tablespoon of low-calorie
mayonnaise, 75 g of cottage cheese, chopped green onion and cucumber;
b) 200 g potatoes, boiled in their jackets, a large portion of mixed salad,
dietary cup yogurt, 125 g of cooked beans or 25g grated Edam
(250 calories)

Dinners (one of the options):
a) any ready-made low-calorie dish, a large portion of mixed salad
unlimited range;
b) 150 g of chicken or turkey, some liquid gravy, 75 g of fried potatoes or
125 g potatoes, boiled in their skins, unlimited set of vegetables;
c) 75 g of spaghetti with sauce from canned tomatoes and 75 g of shrimp or
100 grams of cooked chicken, mixed with a small amount of chicken soup, or 75
nastrogal g lean ham, mixed with a cup of yogurt and spices;
vegetable or fruit salad.
(400 calories)

Dessert (choose two options): d
wa glass of dry wine, peach slices
or nectarines with soft fruit cheese, two large dry biscuit.
(200 calories)

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