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10 ways to save the psychological relationship

Remember that happy couples are different from those who are not able to build a strong family, a set of characteristics for their habits. Typically, the formation of a new habit takes 21 days...

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9 reasons to start running

Even the ancient Greeks used to say – “If you want to be strong – run, you want to be beautiful – run, you want to be smart – run“.



Leptotriks (Leptothrix from Leptos + thrix-thin hair) or in modern terminology leptotrihiya (Leptotrichia) – anaerobic gram-negative bacteria belonging to the family of Fusobacteriaceae, forming a thin thread, or “chain” ( trichomes) and ends with...

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Treatment of pleural mesothelioma

The prognosis of pleural mesothelioma unfavorable, the median survival of patients (symptomatic treatment) is 7 months. Surgical treatment in the amount of pleurectomy or plevropnevmonektomii is rare, with localized forms, only in 7-10% of...

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Malignant pleural mesothelioma

Malignant mesothelioma of the pleura (malignant mesothelioma) – a rare, but extremely dangerous cancer. Most often it is diagnosed in people who, because of their professional activities have contact with asbestos. More than 70...

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What is the pleura? The pleura – serous membrane that covers the inside of the chest, lung outside. The pleura produces and absorbs fluid to reduce friction on the thorax lung during inhalation and...

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Mesothelioma pleura

Mesothelioma pleura – the only known malignant pleural disease, almost all cases of mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure. The lifetime risk of developing the disease in people who work with asbestos, is approximately 10%,...


How to become a confident person – 25 tips

Readers of my blog often ask me the question: “how to become a confident person.” In this article, I will answer this question. Self-confidence is determined by our subjective perception of themselves, their capabilities...


Can I sit at the computer at night?

Wheel of technological progress is constantly increasing turnover by providing more opportunities to mankind. Thanks to technology we are all, without even noticing, were involved in the flow of global information exchange. There was...